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15 March 2010


After a devastating total loss fire in 2005, national heating and air conditioning manufacturer Westaflex Australia has rebuilt its new plastic manufacturing division and warehousing facility on the same site in West Heidelberg Victoria.

The new facility employs state of the art robotized blow moulding and injection moulding equipment featuring the latest in global technology and safety. The Westaflex site also includes a new narrow aisle warehouse featuring a Jungheinrich EKX high rack stacker-retriever.

The Jungheinrich EKX provided by NTP Forklifts Australia, features RFID transponder floor control, which provides a complete warehouse topology. The truck can therefore be programmed with varied parameters at any position of any aisle. This includes lift height limits with or without travel restrictions, various speed reductions or stops at any point in the aisle, and of course “end of aisle” protection to either reduced speed or full stop.

The EKX is also has the latest Jungheinrich Personnel Protection System. This “certified” PPS system is integrated with the truck’s dual computer control network, which guarantees system integrity. The PPS uses a laser to "look" down the aisle and warn the operator of pedestrians or obstacles, automatically applying a speed reduction to the truck and then an automatic stop if collision is imminent.

Standard features of the EKX include Jungheinrich’s proprietary maintenance free AC motors and CanBus/MOSFET control systems of the latest 4th generation. The energy efficiency and performance of this latest technology, together with re-generative braking and patented “re-generative lowering” is unrivalled by competitors.

NTP Forklifts is one of the largest privately owned forklift companies in Australia, and is the sole importer, distributor and service provider for Jungheinrich equipment.

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