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1 April 2016

We call her Gloria

Gloria DRG420 450

We would like you to meet Gloria- Kalmar’s latest addition to the Reachstacker family. This Generation G reachstacker is the product of more than a decade of advances in operating efficiency. She is innovative, reliable and more profitable to own.

The Gloria DRG420-450 Reachstacker is fitted with the most productive operating environment in the industry; the EGO cabin. Safe, comfortable and easy to control, it brings out the best in any driver. The curved windscreen and strategically placed controls provides drivers optimum visibility when moving loads. This lets drivers move safely, with complete focus on the job ahead. The newly developed Kalmar electrical control system provides a wealth of real time data to monitor nearly every aspect of the machines performance leading to more reliable operations and higher productivity. On top of this, the sophisticated diagnostics informs operators about their machines’ status. This includes anything from driver’s safety to concerns about the machine’s lubrication. On screen codes guide the operators through the problem without even needing to step out of the cabin.

Through ongoing Research and Development, Kalmar have managed to boost performance once again and improve operator interfaces and newly designed integrated components. This results in simplified maintenance and fewer faults. Segmented wires make maintenance and replacement simpler and fewer exposed components results in less wear on wiring, hydraulics and other connectors. These improvements mean less downtime and servicing. In addition, servicing is only required after the first 500 hours as opposed to the standard 50 hours. Not only is there less downtime for your machine but also more savings.

Thanks to a range of smart functions and driver training programmes, operators get all the assistance they need to minimise fuel costs whilst meeting even the strictest environmental regulations. The three different drive modes are engineered to meet different business needs. For maximum performance, choose Power mode. For higher profitably with up to 10% fuel savings, opt for Normal mode. And when total cost of operations out weights the need for performance, economy mode should be used which will save 20% in fuel costs. The automatic engine shutdown can be programmed for any time interval and allows you to decide the exact time the machine should shut down when not in motion. The optimal start/stop function can also be added to automatically activate and deactivate the machine. In addition to reducing unnecessary emissions and extending the lifespan of components, this makes it possible to achieve up to 10% in fuel savings.

Thanks for meeting Gloria!

For more information on the range of Kalmar machines, please contact NTP Forklifts Australia on 131 687 or make an enquiry here.

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