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12 May 2016

Vittoria Coffee

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Vittoria Coffee is an Australian manufacturer of coffee products. Founded in Sydney in 1947, the business was established as an importer of Continental European foods. Today, Vittoria is Australia's largest coffee company supplying coffee to many restaurants and cafés around the country in addition to supermarkets and retail outlets.

Vittoria Coffee is a company with the highest expectations and quality standards. It is no surprise they were after a forklift that possessed similar values. NTP Forklifts Australia were confident in supplying the Jungheinrich ETV 114n-650 to meet all of Vittoria Coffee’s requirements.

The ETV 114n has a 1.4 tonne capacity and lifts heights up to 7,100mm. Special applications require special trucks. This is especially true in environments to which standard trucks cannot always adapt. The overhead guard of the ETV 114n is modified for drive-in racking systems. The variety of different forklift configurations gives the customer the possibility of purchasing a forklift which is perfect for the individual warehouse application.

The ETV 114n is the perfect forklift for warehouses with narrow aisle widths between racking. This is due to its retractable mast within the contours of the truck. The retractable masks means the machine has a very low entry height, making it easier for the forklift to travel in and out of warehouse doors.

During the peak season, Vittoria Coffee operates several shifts per day. This requires a forklift with the highest performance values but low energy consumption. Jungheinrich can guarantee up to two shifts on one battery which is a point of difference from its competitors.

The customer was impressed with the ergonomic and compact design of the ETV 114n as well as the sales support NTP Forklifts Australia provided. As corporate identity and brand recognition is important to Vittoria Coffee, they were please we could accommodate this by painting the machine gold.

For more information on the range of materials handling equipment and services from NTP Forklifts Australia make an enquiry here or call 131 687.

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