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16 November 2007

TCM Skid Steer a winner with Adelaide Mushrooms

Adelaide Mushrooms is one of Australia’s largest producers of fresh mushrooms, with farms in Adelaide (Woodcroft and Murray Bridge) and in Tasmania (Spreyton and Huon Valley). Adelaide Mushrooms is a family owned company that has grown significantly over past years, growing to keep up with the increasing demand for fresh mushrooms. 

This growth has also meant an expansion in their materials handling equipment fleet.

Calling on NTP Forklifts Australia, Sales Manager for Adelaide Mushrooms, Marc Schirripa, looked at the options available. "NTP and AM have a long standing relationship when it comes to materials handling equipment, and it was obvious that they would be my first port of call for another piece of equipment to aid in our everyday operations." Schirripa said of the relationship between NTP and Adelaide Mushrooms. "The TCM Skid Steer [Loader] fit perfectly with our objectives and is backed by a sensational company."

NTP has supplied Adelaide Mushrooms with over twenty units, many of which are still in operation today, ranging from a battery electric Sumi walkie stacker to a 2.5 tonne Mitsubishi and now a TCM Skid Steer Loader. NTP also provide service to all Adelaide Mushroom’s materials handling equipment, and has continued to do so for over 20 years.

Adelaide Mushrooms have employed a TCM SSL 707 model with a 4 in 1 bucket. It boasts a 630kg operating capacity and offers a superior dumping reach and greater job efficiency. 

The primary function for the SSL is moving compost within the Woodcroft facility, an integral part of the mushroom giant’s business.

"The Skid Steer [Loader] is used everyday and all the employees find it easy to use and are happy overall with the machine." Marc commented.

The TCM Skid Steer Loader is the market leader in Japan and has retained all the hallmarks of the TCM Forklifts including strength and reliability. The TCM SSL is available in seven different models, ranging from 270 kg operating capacity to 840kg operating capacity, making the range suitable for a variety of applications.

For more information on the TCM Skid Steer Loader range, contact NTP Forklifts Australia.

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