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7 November 2008

TCM new Series 8 Reach Truck arrives!

TCM Corporation, owned by Hitachi Construction since 2005, has been delivering a steady flow of new battery electric products over the past 4 -5 years. It began with the release in 2004 of its AC powered 4 wheel battery electric counterbalanced forklift and since then they have introduced quite an array of modern battery electric materials handling products including their range of 3 wheel counter balanced forklifts.

As demand for cost efficient and environmentally friendly forklifts increases worldwide TCM has renewed its efforts to redesign and upgrade its already modern range of battery electric products. Their latest offering is the new Series 8 reach truck that now replaces its very successful 7 series reach truck that was introduced in 2004.

This Japanese manufactured stand up reach truck designated FRHB-8, incorporates many features in a smart and modern looking design. Superior performance and economy is delivered via an AC drive motor and regenerative braking system that delivers 9 hours run time on a single battery charge. This is an improvement over the previous model of approximately half an hour, based on 55% rate of work efficiency.

Excellent maneuverability is provided via two new features; a newly designed auto suspension lock system and a slip control system. The new model has had the operator compartment redesigned to further improve comfort and safety has been enhanced with an interlock system on lifting and traveling and password entry.

TCM now claims class leading operating times which are always a statistic that separates TCM battery electric products from its other Japanese manufactured rivals. They also have introduced a factory integral side shift and auto power off as standard on this new range of reach trucks.

Damien Garvey, National Sales Manager for NTP Forklifts Australia who are the Australian distributor for TCM forklifts says "the TCM 7 series reach truck was a very popular model with our customers. It was extremely reliable and offered excellent battery life. I have no doubt that the new series 8 will offer the same benefits but also with a few more features to improve safety and productivity."

Damien adds, "Another aspect to this range is that it can be ordered in a 4 directional configuration. This is where the front castors have separate motors and can pivot 90 degrees so the unit can move sideways down an aisle or through a door way. This was available on the 7 series as well and we found it very popular with glass, metal and pipe handling companies who are constantly jostling with elongated materials".

TCM Corporation is focused on elevating its range of battery electric products over the next 12 to 18 months and this will further their already strong and growing domestic and international market presence.

The FRHB-8 series is available in 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 tonne capacities. For further information on the new range of TCM reach trucks or any of its other products please contact your state TCM distributor on 1300 367 011 or visit

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