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25 November 2015

TCM: A tough act to follow

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Sims Metal Management is the world’s leading metals and electronics recycler. Materials handling in this metal recycling environment requires a high level of equipment durability hence Sims have opted for TCM Forklifts, renowned by other recyclers for their sheer toughness.

NTP Forklifts Australia has just delivered another 3 units to Sims Metals. Sims have requested two TCM FD50T9 and a FD35T3S for various onsite handling requirements.

Whilst the base trucks are already very strong, Sims required NTP to further modify for their specific work environment including a protection pack manufactured completely by NTP’s engineering department.

This is made of a full HD belly-pan, wheel arch and hose protection. Brake pipe protection, metal hose rollers, Kab air rider seats and many more features including site frequency two way radios.

NTP have supplied forklifts previously to Sims who have advised they have offered better strength and reliability than other brands they have previously used.

For more information on the TCM range call NTP Forklifts Australia on 13 16 87 or make an enquiry online here.

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