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6 June 2007


Nick Hodgson, Sales Manager for ALSPEC, said of the company "As the leader in distribution of aluminium semi-fabricated products, our company is continually growing. This means that we are always looking for ways to make our business more efficient and stream-lined. The TCM FR-7M 4-Directional Reach Truck was referred to me by Kingswood Aluminium who had purchased their FR-7M some time ago and have been very happy with its performance since."

As the national distributors for TCM, NTP Forklifts Australia was able to assess AlSpec’s needs and suggested the TCM FR-7M Reach Truck to best suit their requirements. Hodgson states "The TCM FR-7M has been a great help to our operations. It has made transporting aluminium extremely easy, especially between our two warehouses. “The 'fork' is very popular with all the warehouse staff and its design fits in well with the working environment. Not only is it easy to manoeuvre, it is very economical and moves at a good pace."

NTP Forklifts Australia was able to customise a bumper bar with rollers for ALSPEC, to ensure their long and awkward loads were placed perfectly in the racks, every time minimising the delays for corrections and damaged loads. "The ability of customising the reach truck just made the package more attractive" Nick said of the FR-7M, "not only does it do everything we need, I'm sure it can do more!" 
"Overall we are extremely happy with our decision to purchase the FR-7M and if the situation arises, we would not hesitate in purchasing another one" says Nick Hodgson. The design of the FR-7M four-directional movement allows access to the tightest areas of any warehouse with a capacity rating of up to 2500kgs. ALSPEC have enlisted a 2 tonne unit, with a 6 metre mast as part of their materials handling requirements.

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