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24 April 2007


Tough, dependable, efficient and long lasting are the words customers use to describe Taylor-Dunn products. Boasting Taylor-Dunn’s ruggedness, safety, dependability and functionality with a lower price are the qualities that have aided Dreamworld’s decision in choosing the Taylor-Dunn range. The various applications that Dreamworld put their Taylor-Dunn’s in is a testament to the product’s versatility and endurance.

After the recent launch of "WhiteWater World" by Dreamworld, the need for additional Taylor-Dunn battery electric personnel and goods carriers was evident. Adding to their twelve-strong fleet, Dreamworld purchased two new B2-48 goods carriers from NTP Forklifts Australia, the Taylor-Dunn distributor for Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, to service their neighbour "WhiteWater World".

Each unit has been uniquely customized, where the first is to serve as a mobile merchandise cart, and the second as a transportable cool-room. The Taylor-Dunn range has various models that are designed specifically for the rigors of the Hospitality, and Entertainment industries whilst also being well-suited for many other applications.

Regardless of the functions and applications you have in mind, you can be assured of one thing; a Taylor-Dunn can be matched to your specific needs. If a model does not suit your needs entirely, we can tailor make a solution to suit you.

Taylor-Dunn is backed by an Australian National dealer network.

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