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18 April 2016

Owens Transport

Owens Transport large

Owens Transport is an Australia wide company with branches extending across to New Zealand and a company network spanning Asia, Europe and America. They offer a full suite of wharf transport services and associated tasks including container packing and unpacking, warehousing and project logistics.

Owens Transport in Brisbane required versatile and resilient forklifts to assist with their various logistics and transport tasks. With these prerequisites in mind, NTP Forklifts Australia delivered a Kalmar DCG160-12 fitted with a factory side shifting fork positioner and a DCF410CSG with a 20/40 dedicated top lift spreader attachment.

The DCG160-12 has a lifting capacity of 16 tonnes and a 1200mm load centre capacity. The modern electric and hydraulic systems ensures faster lifting speeds and better control. This is necessary when loading and unloading large containers and assorted timber products. This machine is fitted with the EGO cabin which upholds optimal driver productivity. The EGO cabin incorporates a spacious curved front window giving operators side to side and overhead visibility; yet another important feature when managing large loads.

The advanced engine on this machine provides maximum power and torque at low rpm. This means improved fuel efficiency without compromising reliability, durability or performance.

Whilst the DCG160-12 is the ideal machine for lifting smaller loads, Owens Transport required a machine to lift 20 and 40 foot containers up to 4 containers high. The Kalmar DCF410CSG is the machine with the capabilities to do so. With a lifting capacity of 41 tonne, this machine is the ideal choice to meet the high performance and reliability demands required in this heavy-duty handling industry.

Kalmar are well known for leading the race in ergonomics. The DCF410CSG caters for driver stability, visibility and ergonomics. The comfortable Spirit Delta high visibility cabin is optimised to improve driver performance. This means smooth operations and increased efficiency.

This machine has fast travelling and lifting speeds that are up to 50% faster than its predecessor. Even when fully loaded the machine exceeds all competitors lifting speeds. At Owens Transport, loads are constantly coming and going therefore the speed of the machine plays a vital role in overall productivity. Equally important is the ideal horsepower to weight ration which results in better fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions.

The team at Owens Transport were very impressed by the professionalism and dedication shown by NTP Forklifts Australia.

For more information on the range of materials handling equipment and services from NTP Forklifts Australia make an enquiry here or call 131 687.

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