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17 December 2013

NTP Sydney delivers a TCM FD160S-3 to Pentair

pentair 2

NTP Forklift's Sydney branch delivered a large TCM forklift model FD160S-3 to Pentair Water Solutions and they absolutely love it!

The TCM heavy duty forklift has a capacity of 16 tonne and runs on a powerful Isuzu turbo diesel engine.

The forklift is being used to unload containers of pipes and the drivers will also utilise the TCM to transport multiple pipe stacks to and from their storage area onsite. Pentair were previously making up to 5 times the amount of trips to transport and store the pipes so the new TCM has saved them considerable time and increased efficiency.

And this TCM is being used to the max! The forklift is also being used to load and unload trucks onsite enabling Pentair to load far more pipes onto each truck with this heavy duty model. The mega load capacity and longer tynes of the TCM means Pentair can load the trucks from one side and in a much shorter time frame.

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