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17 May 2006


Taylor-Dunn's prominence in Australia is set for a major boost following the recent introduction of new models and a decision by local distributor, NTP Forklifts Australia, to increase its coverage in key states.

That's the word from NTP Forklifts Australia's National Sales and Product Manager Damien Garvey, who says recent additions to the Taylor-Dunn line – particularly in the commercial domain – means the company now offers Australian industry the most extensive range of battery electric vehicles for the transportation of people and goods.

"We’re gearing up for a big push into traditional and emerging markets and have sharpened our focus in the key states of New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia," says Mr Garvey.

While Taylor-Dunn's range of burden carriers, personnel carriers, utility vehicles, tow tractors and industrial trailers have long been prominent in Australia's manufacturing environments, the new push will include the sports, leisure and hospitality industries, the aged care and health care sectors and airports, harbours and railway stations.

"In fact, we believe the current range – coupled with our commitment to customise models to suit any client's exacting requirements – positions Taylor-Dunn as a particularly attractive option across all environments where the safe and cost-effective movement of people and cargo is paramount.

"Even if the way you go about your business is different from everyone else, Taylor-Dunn is still right for you," says Mr Garvey. 

California-based Taylor-Dunn was established in 1949 and has been represented in NSW, Queensland and SA by NTP Forklifts Australia for more than 12 years.

NTP, in turn, has more than 20 years’ experience in materials handling and is also the Australian distributor and dealer for major international brands such as TCM industrial forklifts and Manitou rough terrain forklifts and telescopic handlers. The company specialises in sales, service, rental, fleet management and parts, employs almost 250 people and has six service workshops and over 50 mobile service vans for quick on-site repairs and maintenance.

As a world leader in the manufacture of cost-effective, reliable and dependable battery electric (and some internal combustion) vehicles designed to handle the rigors of the industrial and commercial markets, Taylor-Dunn products offer performance and functionality to applications way in excess of anything delivered by the light duty golf carts that have recently entered these markets. Its battery electric offerings, for example, can cover up to 48 kilometres on a single charge and can reach speeds of between 10 km/h and 35km/h.

The complete Taylor-Dunn range comprises: 

  • Burden carriers that offer load capacity versatility, optional configurations and performance to ensure efficient operation. The burden carriers can handle loads of up to 2,300kgs and tow loads of up to 8,000kgs, thanks to an automotive differential that acts as the foundation to their strength and reliability. 
  • Personnel carriers and electric trams designed to get people to where they need to go in a most comfortable, safe and cost-effective manner – whether it’s a vehicle to carry one person or a system configured to carry more than 30. 
  • Utility vehicles designed for special or outdoor cargo applications that combine practical engineering with optimal performance and offer speeds approaching 40 km/h and load capacities in the region of 1,400kgs.
  • A wide variety of tow tractors for industrial and ground support operations, all engineered to deliver manoeuvrable, rugged, safe and cost-effective towing. The range comprises gas, electric, diesel and LPG configurations, with towing capacity ranging from 450kgs to 150,000kgs and a draw bar pull of up to 27,000kgs.
  • Industrial trailers that, built with heavy duty angular steel, are designed to handle large payloads and offer ample bed space, numerous towing configurations and hitches for all towing applications. The trailers can carry loads ranging from about 350kgs to 700kgs. 

For more information on the products and your nearest NTP Forklifts office or Taylor-Dunn dealer, please call 1300 660 120.

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