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1 April 2015

Manitou Plasterboard Handler Attachment

IMG 3692

Clarke and Jarred Vincent have recently taken delivery of their second Manitou MT X1840 complete with the Manitou Plasterboard Handler attachment.

After many years using a homemade attachment on a Manitou MT1337, the decision was made to look into a more safer and productive plasterboard handling solution.

The new Manitou Plasterboard Handler provides a safer handling operation. By picking the plasterboard up off a truck then tilting it onto its side, the plasterboard handler can then be rotated at 90 degrees. This allows the plasterboard to be placed into an opening in the building and thereby enables the workers to slide the plasterboard into the building without the need to lean out and try and handle the plasterboard at a difficult angle.

After the success of the first unit, a second unit was purchased to keep up with the demand. Clarke is extremely happy with the operation of the equipment and is currently running all 3 units to meet the demand.

For more information on the Manitou Plasterboard Handler please contact NTP Forklifts today.

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