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11 June 2010

Junheinrich ERD 220

The ERD 220 electric pedestrian controlled truck is extremely versatile when it comes to load handling. A specialist in truck double deck loading, it is equally at home when transporting loads efficiently over long distances or stacking/retrieving loads up to 2.560 mm high.

The design of the truck is very robust: An 8 mm steel chassis and box forks made of sectional steel allow for heavy-duty applications with heavy loads.

The ERD 220 is also ideally suited to both pedestrian and rider operation. In rider mode the ERD reaches impressive speeds of up to 12.5 km/h. This means that goods can be handled and transported particularly efficiently.

It also features maximum operator safety and travel comfort: In addition to the soft suspension of the operator platform, the entire drive system is cushioned with "ShockProtect" suspension. The advantage: Less strain on the driver’s spine. Considerably less impact on the chassis and all components of the ERD 220.

Electric steering for fatigue-free travel, even with heavy loads. The maximum speed of the truck is automatically reduced around bends, in relation to the steering angle.

Up to 465 Ah high performance batteries are available for the heavy-duty applications. Combined with state-of-the-art 3-phase AC systems, this ensures longer uptimes with the same low level of energy consumption.

The ERD 220 is a perfect product for high volume logistics organisations and has been recently choosen by Australia Post for use in their metropolitan distribution centres

For more informormation on the ERD220 contact NTP Forklifts Australia or for product information visit

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