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30 August 2010

Jungheinrich EFG

NTP Forklifts Australia has recently launched two new ranges of Jungheinrich battery electric counterbalance forklift trucks into the Australian market. These are the front trucks of the ranges EFG 213-220 (3-wheel) and 316-320 (4-wheel) that include an array of new features to improve operator comport, safety and operating performance.

The forklifts include sideways battery access, electric steering and due to the use of the latest generation of environment-friendly 3-phase AC technology from Jungheinrich; the electric trucks have an excellent efficiency ratio at constantly low consumption. The low energy costs are again reduced significantly through energy reclamation during braking, so that a battery change in most applications over two shifts is no longer necessary.

Battery management in one- and two-shift operations

Jungheinrich has developed a professional battery management system for one- and two-shift operation. For example, with the door opening sideways, recharging the battery or topping up the water after shift end is straightforward. The battery can be pulled out sideways with a hand pallet truck up to a stop position lock and is then available for straightforward maintenance. A battery lock prevents travel with unsecured battery.

An integrated charger with battery controller, the so-called onboard charger, also monitors the acid state and temperature of the battery. If necessary, it issues a warning for error functions. This onboard charger facilitates flexible charging at any location and careful battery charging. Dr. Tobias Harzer, Head of Product Management and Product Marketing Counterbalance Trucks at Jungheinrich comments: This gives the battery a considerably longer service life and therefore saves ready cash for the user!

Battery management in three-shift operations

If a battery has to be changed in very intensive applications, particularly in 3-shift operation, this is possible quickly and safely with flexible sideways removal. The straightforward and intuitive changing method can be implemented effortlessly with a hand pallet truck or electric pedestrian pallet truck, crane or forklift truck. Onboard control, appropriate limit stops as well as the stop position ensure safe removal of the battery.

Ergonomic standard for the entire industry branch

Ergonomics are of great importance during every forklift truck development at Jungheinrich. The electric steering applied for the first time ensures comfortable operation of the truck. It also ensures considerably more legroom in the knee area due to omission of hydraulic components. The steering column itself is steplessly adjustable in height and tilt, so that the operator is able to set them according to his own requirements.

Much improved ergonomics in the ranges EFG 213-220 and 316-320 are advantageous mainly in lower power requirement, reduced steering wheel turns and a smaller steering wheel. Harzer comments: Our trucks of this generation impress not only with much improved throughput efficiency but they also set ergonomic standards for the industry with the whole design!

Completely new operating concept with SOLO or MULTI PILOT

The new electric counterbalance trucks from Jungheinrich possess a completely new operating concept with a choice of SOLO or MULTI PILOT. They are integrated in a co-vibrating armrest that can be adjusted in height and length. The SOLO PILOT is equipped with individual fingertip control levers and is embedded in the hydraulics operating components together with the travel direction switch. The MULTI PILOT with all operating components integrated in a joystick was also completely redesigned for both ranges. The operator can choose between five individual operating programs. The forklift is therefore individually adjustable for almost every application.

The so-called Floating Cab is an operator workplace module suspended in the chassis. It absorbs shocks caused by uneven floors. The resulting low vibration level of the electric counterbalance truck from Jungheinrich is of benefit to the operator.

Safety all round with electric counterbalance trucks from Jungheinrich

The EFG 213-220 or 316-320 are robustly constructed. An enclosed chassis also under the battery ensures a significant improvement in truck stability. The excellent tilt resistance of the EFG 316-320 is supported by the high mounted full floating axle. The natural pendulum motion of the truck is reduced by the high suspension of the axle in the counterweight. This makes a decisive contribution towards safe handling of the truck. Apart from construction-specific safety aspects, additional features ensure that the operator of a Jungheinrich electric counterbalance truck can feel totally safe. The standard here is the speed reduction (Curve Control) dependent on the steering angle and the travel speed display.

Moreover, three operator assistance systems ensure more operating safety on the truck: for example, Access Control is a system that releases the truck only after certain sequential safety mechanisms (closed seat switch, safety belt) have been activated. Drive Control is based on Curve Control that has been integrated successfully in Jungheinrich electric trucks for approximately ten years. In parallel to speed reduction on corners, the travel speed is also reduced from a defined lift height. The assistance package Lift Control for safe load handling also reduces the tilt speed from a defined lift height, positions an integrated sideshift to a pre-programmed centre position if required and displays the mast tilt.

Jungheinrich ranks among the worlds leading companies in the development and manufacturing of material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. NTP Forklifts Australia, the Australian distributor for Jungheinrich, offers its customers a comprehensive range of forklift trucks and materials handling solutions. For more information contact NTP Forklifts Australia 131 687 or visit

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