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23 December 2013

Is this the safest IC forklift in NSW?

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NTP Forklifts Sydney recently prepared and delivered a TCM F1 FGE25TF1 forklift with an extra high level of safety features.

The TCM F1 forklift already has a wide range of factory fitted features such as integrated digital weight gauge, rear axle stability enhancement, factory speed limiting (that doesn’t affect hydraulic performance), drop down gas bottle bracket, operator presence interlock, low emissions with the EFI engine and a concaved mirror.

In addition to this NTP Forklifts Australia also fitted the following:

1. Greensight Rear Detection system – works similar to reverse sensors on your vehicle. 
2. Blue Light system – this shines a high intensity light on the floor behind the unit, so people stay back.

NTP Sydney's Sales Manager thinks "it's the safest IC unit in Sydney!".

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