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10 June 2016

ILS Warehousing and Distribution Services

ILS Warehousing and Distribution Services large

ILS Warehousing and Distribution Services is an international company offering logistic support tailored to any company’s needs. They deliver the highest quality, cost-effective and timely personalized service in every detail of transportation and logistics. Their services include importing and exporting goods, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution and cargo insurance.

ILS Warehousing and Distribution were in need of a reliable and powerful forklift, capable of keeping up with this busy business. They initially intended to purchase a LPG forklift from another manufacturer. They were sceptical a counterbalance forklift with battery electric drive technology would be powerful enough for their labour intensive warehouse applications.

NTP Forklifts Australia Sales Account Manager, Martin Strogilakis explained the advantages of a Jungheinrich EFG 320n-480 DZ and how it would benefit their business. The stand-out features of the Jungheinrich battery electric forklift include low fuel consumption. The AC technology guarantees customers up to 2 shifts of continuous operation with only one battery charge. This is a large contributor to a company’s productivity and profitability. Based on the actual usage of the existing LPG forklifts and the low energy consumption of the EFG 320n, ILS Warehousing and Distribution can save a significant amount of money per year on energy costs.

The EFG 320n has high torque values and doesn’t drop in torque level or speed. The advantage- significantly faster goods handling. Yet another import factor in any warehouse application.

In the end, the high performance values of the EFG 320n, the assistance of the NTP Forklift Australia's sales team and the return of investment if they change from LPG to battery electric were the reason for ILS Warehousing choosing the EFG 320n.

The staff at ILS Warehousing and Distribution, in particularly the forklift operators, were impressed by the high performance, responsive hydraulic functions, as well as the compact design of the Jungheinrich EFG 320n. ILS Warehousing were also impressed by NTP Forklifts Australia’s professionalism and project handling.

For more information on the range of materials handling equipment and services from NTP Forklifts Australia make an enquiry here or call 131 687.

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