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16 August 2010

Geelong Cemetary

NTP Forklifts Australia has recently delivered a modified Jungheinrich order picker for the Geelong Cemetery.

This new equipment, with attachments designed, fabricated and commissioned by the Geelong Trust, in conjunction with Total Lifting Solutions, represents a considerable innovation that minimizes the safety risks present in mausoleum handling operations.

Roland Shaw of NTP Forklifts Australias Melbourne office provided the Jungheinrich order picker that has been engineered to utilise the unit as a crypt shutter remover, high lift platform and entombment device.

Frank de Groot, Deputy CEO/Operations Manager of the Geelong Trust comments on their new innovation;

Our Trust spent months consulting with various forklift manufacturers, confirming specifications until we were happy with the Jungheinrich EKS110 through NTP Forklifts Australia. This unit was the only one that could fit through our door, and reach the height of 5 crypts (it actually can reach the 6th level). Also Jungheinrich were the only supplier who was happy to engineer a wider work platform and a double lanyard point for two people to ride up on the unit. And we could select any colour we wanted. It has a lift capacity of 1000kg.

With the shutter removal device, we investigated several styles, but due to the soft marble used in our mausoleum, we decided on the vacuum unit supplied by Total Lifting Solutions. This unit has been fabricated specifically for the order picker, is stored on its own stand and does not require any manual lifting for connection. adds Frank.

Jungheinrich is the worlds largest manufacturer of battery electric forklifts and offers custom changes to a wide variety of its products as required by a customer. This allowed Geelong Cemetery to make specific product modifications required for their mausoleum operations.

NTP Forklifts Australia is the national distributor for Jungheinrich battery electric forklifts. For more information on this specific product or how Jungheinrich can assist your materials handling operations contact Roland Shaw at NTP Forklifts Australia 03 8795 5999

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