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9 September 2014

Careful handling a must at Portavin


NTP Melbourne has recently delivered 7 x TCM F1 units and 2 x TCM FRHB-8 stand up electric forklifts to Portavin.

Tim Ross, who runs Portavin, was very happy with the new units and the operators took a quick liking to them, especially with their new operating features.

Portavin has been a customer of NTP for over 12 years and a long time user of TCM Forklift products.

Portavin was established by Mike Davies in 1989 in Western Australia as a mobile bottling business to service the state's rapidly expanding wine industry. By 1990 the concept was sufficiently proven to justify establishing sites in Melbourne, Victoria and in 1994 the same in Adelaide, South Australia. As their business grew the mobile bottling side of the of the business transitioned to more static bottling lines.

All Portavin static enterprises offer an integrated wine bottling service including bulk wine receival, blending, finishing, bottling, full quality assurance and analysis, dry goods supply, warehousing, distribution and export services.

Today, All mobile bottling lines in South Australia and Victoria have now been sold and today Portavin owns and operates one mobile bottling line based in Western Australia, as well as five static lines. To date, Portavin is Australasia's largest independent wine services supplier.

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