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30 May 2018

Affiliating companies DEKS Industries & Gulf Rubber see more work per battery charge with new fleet of Jungheinrich equipment

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Affiliating companies DEKS Industries & Gulf Rubber see more work per battery charge with a new fleet of Jungheinrich equipment

DEKS Industries, based in Victoria have over 100 years’ experience in manufacturing and supply of rubber plumbing and roofing seals and components. They supply to distributors worldwide including product distribution through Bunnings. Partnering NSW company, Gulf Rubber, are a global manufacturer of precision engineered rubber and plastic components providing world class, quality assured products to the automotive, mining, industrial and medical industry. Both companies pride themselves on producing zero defect products time after time.

Together, these affiliating companies required a material handling solution fitting a fleet of forklifts for the 2 states. Upon speaking to Jungheinrich’s Sales Representative, 6 Jungheinrich ETV 114n and one EFG 216kn were the best units for their warehouses.

Battery longevity was vital in the decision making process. All units were required to last a full shift and into a second shift if required. DEKS Industries and Gulf Rubber noted the run time of their machines surpassed their expectations. Jungheinrich’s 3-phase AC technology drive ensures more work per battery charge as a result of optimum efficiency and more effective energy recovery.

With narrow aisle widths at both warehouses, the space saving design of the Jungheinrich ETV 114n allows operators to comfortably stack and retrieve at high lift heights in these confined spaces. The tilting mast was advantageous as a tighter turning circle could be achieved.

Operator confidence and comfort was very important to DEKS Industries and Gulf Rubber. The operator cab in both the ETV 114n and EFG 216kn provides ideal working conditions for excellent performance and support. The comfortable seat with adjustment options, excellent load visibility preventing operator strain, truck controls within easy reach and the 3-phase AC steering with stress-free steering wheel position makes for a better experience for their drivers.

The blue floor spot, installed on the units overhead guard designed to alert pedestrians and other vehicles a forklift is approaching, has eliminated the need for noisy forklift horns creating a quieter work place. But most importantly, it is an additional safety benefit. Conflicting noises in a warehouse can be a safety hazard if other employees can’t hear a forklift approaching. 

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