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Light Work

Light Work

ECE 118

  • 1.8 ton capacity
  • 24V 3- phase AC Drive motor for high speed & powerful acceleration
  • 2 shifts 1 charge guarantee
  • Smooth electric steering
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Vibration damping with ShockProtect
Safe speed regulation with SpeedControl
More stability thanks to ProTracLink traction aid
Regenerative braking with energy recovery.
Light Work

EKM 202

  • 100kg capacity
  • 24V Electric Drive
  • 5300mm max picking height
  • Alternative to conventional ladders
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On-board charger with integrated spiral cable fits any 230 V socket
Simultaneous lifting and driving
Electrically adjusted storage tray
Travel switch with thumb control avoids twisting the entire hand.
Softlanding ensures gentle depositing of the platform when lowering.

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