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Dual Pallet Picking

Dual Pallet Picking

ECD 320

The Jungheinrich ECD 320 picker is equipped with double-length forks that enable you to efficiently transport two pallets at once. Its max lift capacity allows you to move up to 2,000 kg (1,000 kg for each pallet). After picking one pallet up with the mast lift, you can immediately pick up a second pallet with the second set of forks.
For safe lifting practices, the ECD 320 is fitted with a load guard. This guard features a pallet holder for the direct transportation of a second empty pallet during operation. The ECD 320’s adjustable stand-on platform will also provide you with additional protection against impacts during operation.

  • 2.0 ton capacity
  • 24V 3- phase AC Drive motor for high speed & powerful acceleration
  • double-length forks for the transportation of two pallets
  • height-adjustable jetPILOT multifunctional electric steering wheel
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Safe speed regulation with SpeedControl
Regenerative braking with energy recovery.

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