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3 Wheel for Max Manoeuvrability

3 Wheel for Max Manoeuvrability

EFG 213-220

  • 1.3 - 2.0 ton capacity
  • 6500mm max lift height
  • 48V 3- phase AC Drive motor for high speed & powerful acceleration
  • EFG 216-220: 2 shifts 1 charge guarantee
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The ergonomically designed operator’s cab allows for relaxed operation with low fatigue.
Side sideways battery removal with SnapFit
Safe cornering with Jungheinrich Curve Control
Crawl speed switch
Light and effortless electric steering
Limited vibration as the cab is not directly connected to the chassis
No roll-back on ramps or inclines due to the automatic parking brake
Regenerative braking with energy recovery.

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