Electric Forklifts

For an unbeatable price on a Jungheinrich electric forklift, speak to NTP Forklifts today. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality of electric forklift for both sale and rent and guarantee all safety standards will be met.

Both A Junheinrich Electric Forklift and High Reach Forklift From NTP Forklifts Are Suitable For Warehouses And Industrial Companies Australia Wide

As a leader within the materials handling industry, NTP Forklifts are perfectly equipped to help with the effective management of our clients entire industrial truck fleets at multiple locations. We help warehouses across Australia to create a greater level of transparency and safety throughout their daily operations, an undeniably fundamental aspect of a business, while also delivering the highest level of customer service throughout all of our products. We believe that it's through high quality forklifts, such as a Junghenrich electric forklift, that will assist in this. Whether you're looking for electric forklift machinery, electric forklift servicing, electric forklift parts or high reach trucks, NTP Forklifts have firmly established ourselves as the go to company.

Feel free to call us today for any further information on Jungheinrich electric forklifts, or any of the other forklifts we stock.

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