Kalmar K-Motion

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Kalmar K-Motion Solution is a new drive train solution, embedded into the programming on the Kalmar Gloria Reachstacker, increasing efficiency and productivity by elevating uptime, ergonomics and safety, while reducing fuel consumption and running costs.

Efficiency in motion.

With 30 years experience and 10,000 reachstackers sold, we are proud to offer a commercially viable technology. Kalmar K-Motion gives you substantial reduction in fuel consumption without compromising drive and lift power. It is a complete drive train system with well-proven efficient transmission technologies – hydrostatic and hydro-mechanical – in combination with the smart programming embedded in Gloria. Our customer field reports prove fuel consumption and exhaust emission reductions of up to 40%!

The first equipment to be launched with the Kalmar K-Motion technology is the Kalmar Gloria DRG450 reachstacker 6–6.5 for container, intermodal and industrial handling.

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