Australia’s exclusive partner for Jungheinrich electric forklifts and pallet jacks, NTP Forklifts can provide a materials handling solution to suit your warehouse needs.

Service & Support

Jungheinrich Service & Repairs

NTP Forklifts provides nation-wide service for the entire range of Jungheinrich battery electric forklifts. As the national distributor for Jungheinrich, NTP Forklifts has the facilities to keep your Jungheinrich forklift operational with minimal service downtime.

Jungheinrich Service & Repairs History and Commitment

From the day NTP Forklifts Australia commenced operations some 27 years ago, the provision of professional service and maintenance has been an on-going philosophy within the group.

We have always believed that the investment a customer makes should be reciprocated with the most optimal service and care for a units working life. With this commitment, down-time and costs will be minimised, productivity is maximised and the future re-sale value can be optimised.

Jungheinrich Service & Repairs National Network

NTP Forklifts has facilities and a service dealer network in place to service your Jungheinrich forklift at metropolitan and regional locations around Australia.

Furthermore the NTP Group now operates more than 50 fully equipped service vans nationally to be on-site and working on your unit within hours.

Jungheinrich Service & Repairs By Qualified Technicians

The NTP Group also places great importance on its Jungheinrich service technicians being training at factory level to ensure they are familiar with current equipment and new models. In addition, NTP have a policy of maintaining a high Jungheinrich service staff to Jungheinrich technician ratio to ensure that our service performance is maintained at a superior level.

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As a leading and trusted distributor of Jungheinrich battery electric forklifts, NTP Forklifts can offer expert servicing and repairs on all Jungheinrich products. read more


NTP Forklifts are perfectly equipped to service your Jungheinrich battery electric forklift as the Jungheinrich national distributor. Our premier facilities coupled with a team of expertly trained technicians, can help to ensure a fully operational forklift and minimal service downtime. Further, for the ultimate convenience, we have 50 fully equipped service vans nationally that can service your Jungheinrich forklift on site. Ultimately, at NTP Forklifts, we are set to not only provide the highest in standards of repairs and, but also to offer the utmost in customer service levels. You can be confident that whether you're buying, renting having an existing forklift serviced through us, you will receive the same high levels of service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about Jungheinrich service and repairs, or any of our Jungheinrich products such as an electric pallet jack.

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