Over the last ten years we have been on a quest to find the best sustainable solution for our reachstackers.

Kalmar K-Motion- 40% less fuel


Over the last ten years we have been on a quest to find the best sustainable solution for our reachstackers.  Now we can present an innovative and highly efficient way to achieve major savings, increase productivity, reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions – Kalmar K-Motion.


Increased savings

Kalmar K-Motion gives you up to 40% less fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Increased comfort

 Maximum engine speed is 1700 rpms, with lower noise for the operator and people in the vicinity. The continuous variable transmission makes shifts, drive stops and directional changes smooth and seamless, which improves ergonomics and reduces operator fatigue.

Increased efficiency and productivity

The smart control system splits the power to increase efficiency in drive and lift mode combinations. Available engine power is used for what it is intended, which improves productivity per litre fuel or per ton CO2. The torque converter has been replaced by hydrostatic technology, so the throttle works as an actual speed throttle without engine revving at low drive speed needed. Kalmar K-Motion also increases overall precision.

Increased safety

The more precise driving increases safety in daily operations. Operators can focus on the task ahead and react quickly, avoiding accidents and damaged cargo.

Easier to operate

Kalmar K-Motion requires less effort from the operator, as the drive and lift power split works automatically and there is less need for revving. The reachstacker reacts directly and smoothly to acceleration.

Well-known equipment

Most components are exactly the same as on other Gloria reachstackers. Service, maintenance and daily inspections are conducted in familiar ways.

Savings every day and world-class TCO

Substantial fuel savings and increased productivity means Kalmar K-Motion pays off quickly. Well-proven quality materials, durable components and sturdy design make the DRG450 Kalmar K-Motion a profitable choice.



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