Manitou has enhanced its range of rough terrain agricultural products with the launch of the new Maniscopic MLT 627 family of telescopic trucks. The range, which has received rave reviews from Europe’s farmers since its launch in that part of the

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Tuesday, 19th July 2005

Manitou’s latest revolution in agricultural materials handling, the Maniscopic MLT 627 range, has been hailed as a boon for Australia’s busy livestock farmers in search of greater efficiencies.

Tom Naffine, Marketing Manager at local national distributor for Manitou products, NTP Forklifts Australia, said the range’s impressive reception by the European agricultural community following its introduction there earlier this year is expected to be replicated in Australia.

“Now that the MLT 627 family of telescopic trucks – designed specifically for agricultural use – is available in Australia, we're confident local livestock farmers will welcome its many benefits. These range from improved load capacity and faster travelling speeds to enhanced hydraulics and increased engine power.

“The features of the Maniscopic MLT 627 combine to ensure that important daily tasks of farmers and stock breeders – such as loading feed-mix trailers and dispensing feed – are made easier and quicker,” he said.

The new MLT 627’s ability to lift 2,200kg with up to two metres of forward reach guarantees rapid loading and unequalled machine stability. Furthermore, the lifting heights – 5.51 metres for the smaller models and 5.61 meters for the larger trucks – and forward reach of up to 0.9 metres at maximum height, allows up to six bales of hay to be stacked, thus making the best use of storage space.

Other features of the range include:

• A new generation engine, the Perkins 1104 Euro2 Vista Series, which delivers exceptional performance while complying with pollutant emission regulations. These 4.4 litre turbo engines allow for still faster travelling speed of between 30 and 34 km/h without attachments.

• New hydraulically – rather than mechanically – controlled mono-lever joysticks in all cabs, that make for smoother and easier operation and control.

• Added cab comfort and ergonomics, all within a compact machine width of 2.01 metres.

The MLT 627 family of telescopic trucks is available throughout Australia from NTP Forklifts Australia’s Agri Dealer Network. For more information on your local Agri Dealer, visit or call 1300 305 052.

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