NTP Forklifts Australia sells heavy duty forklift truck to Queensland mine

An NTP Forklifts Australia supplied forklift truck helps to solve vexing tyre challenges at a Queensland coal mine.

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NTP Forklifts Australia sells heavy duty forklift truck to Queensland mine

Thursday, 21st October 2004

A heavy duty TCM FD230 forklift truck, supplied by leading national materials handling distributor NTP Forklifts Australia, has helped to solve vexing tyre challenges at BMA Peak Downs Coal Mine in central Queensland.

The 23-tonne forklift, fitted with a tyre clamp supplied by Cascade, will be used around the mine to carry tyres and tyre equipment weighing up to 9,500 kilograms and to assist with the changing of tyres on BMA Peak Downs’ enormous wheel loaders and dump trucks.

NTP Forklifts Australia has the Australian distribution rights for TCM, recognised as the fastest growing brand in the country and the dominant player in the 10 tonne to 40 tonne large capacity market. The technologically advanced and extensive TCM range comprises LPG, diesel engine and battery electric forklift trucks with capabilities ranging from one tonne to 43 tonnes.

NTP Forklifts Australia’s Brisbane branch, in consultation with BMA Peak Downs Coal Mine, carried out modifications to the TCM FD230 to eliminate the possibility of accidental operation of any function on the machine and comply with the mine’s safety requirements.

Enhancements included fitting safety lockout valves to the hydraulic lifting, tilting, clamping, clamp rotation and tyre rotation functions to allow safe maintenance and servicing of the unit. At the same time, fast fill and drain systems were installed to the engine and drive line components, while fire suppression equipment was improved.

Additional features were also added to enhance operator comfort. The TCM FD230 offers a spacious, pressurised air-conditioned cabin that gives the operator excellent all-round visibility. The fully adjustable operator seat also swivels for reverse travel, while a second observer seat has been fitted to allow operator training to be undertaken during operation.

NTP and Cascade personnel commissioned the TCM FD230 forklift truck and Cascade tyre handler on site in October 2004.

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