Supermarket gets "Smart"

Long term rental contract for IGA in Far North Queensland

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Supermarket gets "Smart"

Wednesday, 24th June 2015

The very busy IGA Supermarket at Tully in Far North Queensland have recently taken delivery of a new TCM FG20T3C Smart Machine. This Smart Machine is part of UniCarriers range of economy forklift models. These models still incorporate the same level of robustness and engineering strength that all TCM designs incorporate. However they do not have the same level of features and accessories that the premium F1 range possess and are at a price that’s more acceptable for low hour forklift operations.

The forklift was obtained on long term rental fleet management from NTP Forklifts Australia and is equipped with a 2 stage 4 metre lift clear view mast and with an integral side shift.

The supermarket management at IGA Tully has been delighted with the operator vision and performance of the TCM. They previously used a 1.8 ton Nissan which was light on capacity for some pallets; the FG20T3C fits the bill perfectly for their applications.

For more information on the TCM Smart Machine call NTP Forklifts Australia on 13 16 87 or make an enquiry online here.

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