Press Release: Telesafe by Manitou

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Press Release: Telesafe by Manitou

Friday, 27th February 2015

Sydney, 20th February 2015 – Manitou Australia is proud to introduce its newest service, TELESAFE.

This Annual & Major inspection program will give Manitou owners peace of mind by ensuring their equipment safely performs the way Manitou designed it too.

TELESAFE will assist owners to meet their obligations in accordance with the requirements of AS2550.19.

This program will also help them secure the resale value of their Telehandler.

This service is provided by Manitou Authorised Dealers and performed by Manitou Competent Technicians.

For further information on Telesafe by Manitou:

1. Visit their website at
2. Check out the You Tube video here.
3. Contact NTP Forklifts here (authorised Manitou dealer) .

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