Quality Pallet Trucks for sale at NTP Forklifts. We’re sure to have something to suit your requirements, whether you’re after an Electric Pallet Truck or walkie stacker machinery.

New Pallet Trucks

  • Jungheinrich AM22

    • 208º steering radius
    • Chromed bearing bushes on lifting points
    • Enclosed fork-base ends for ankle protection
    • High strength chassis
    • Low service weight for low operator effort

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  • Jungheinrich AMX10e

    • Ergonomic left and right hand control element
    • Single piece lift cylinder for low maintenance
    • Quick lift pump as standard
    • Smooth hydraulic load lowering
    • Compact chassis length

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Buy A Jungheinrich Electric Pallet Truck Today!

As known material handling experts, when it comes to quality machinery and manual equipment, NTP Forklifts are who to turn to. A leader within the industry, we're proud to stock a diverse range from Jungheinrich, from a quality pallet truck to a variety of other electric forklifts. Specifically however, our range of Jungheinrich pallet trucks have proven dependability and reliability. An electric pallet jack by Jungheinrich is sure to be an ideal addition to help in the optimisation of your warehouse operations.

At NTP Forklifts, we know that an exceptional quality electric pallet jack is important in enabling efficient and effective warehouse operations. Our electric pallet truck range can facilitate the lifting and moving of much heavier pallets than would allow with a manual pallet truck, thereby making it a fundamental tool for any business. Whether it's an electric pallet jack with a scissor lift feature or you require a pallet truck for short travel distance, we can help.

We're confident that our electric forklift range is of the highest quality, and thanks to a wealth of safety features, we're sure you'll find the perfect forklift, be it an electric pallet jack or otherwise, with us. Contact NTP Forklifts today for further information on our pallet truck range.

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