Jungheinrich have invented the reach truck again! The new Jungheinrich ETR Pantograph Reach Truck.

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Jungheinrich ETR 345

Jungheinrich have invented the reach truck again!  The new Jungheinrich ETR Pantograph Reach Truck.

Fact Sheet

  • Nominal Capacity: 4500lb (2000kg) @ 600mm load centre
  • Power Type: 36 Volt
  • Transmission / Controller: MosFet controlled AC lift, drive and steering motors

Key Features

  • Jungheinrich 4th generation AC technology
  • Lowest energy consumption of the pantograph market
  • Ergonomic MULTI Pilot control as standard
  • Automatic regenerative braking
  • ProTrac suspension system for safe and stable operation
  • Maintenance and wear free 3 Phase AC motors on all functions
  • 3 drive modes with adjustable drive parameters including speed limiting
  • Proportionate hydraulics for smooth handling
  • Energy reclamation wear free braking
  • Automatic electric parking brake on standstill
  • Maintenance free motors, brakes and controllers
  • Intuitive controls with simultaneous functionality
  • Operator LCD Display with drive direction and 12 segment steer wheel position
  • Battery discharge meter with residual run time
  • Curve Control - Auto Speed Reduction on Cornering
  • Integrated weighing system as standard
  • Electric steering using AC technology
  • Sturdy and smooth pantograph reach load handler
  • Integrated side shift (optional)
  • Wide range of options and accessories available

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