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NTP Forklifts have a huge range of Forklifts For Sale across all makes and models. If you’re looking for any type of Forklift For Sale, contact us today!

New Forklifts & Handlers

Select a type of handler:

  • Engine Counterbalanced

    Engine Counterbalanced

    Engine powered counterbalanced forklifts 1 - 30 tonne capacity

  • Large Capacity Forklifts 9 ton +

    Large Capacity Forklifts 9 ton +

    Large Capacity Industrial Counter Balanced Forklifts

  • Rough Terrain Forklifts | NTP Forklifts

    Rough Terrain Forklifts | NTP Forklifts

    Both An All Terrain Forklift and a Rough Terrain Forklift for sale right here at NTP Forklifts. Quality, reliable and tough for the construction, mines, agriculture and logistics industries.

  • Telehandlers | NTP Forklifts

    Telehandlers | NTP Forklifts

    For a quality Telehandler, perfect for the agricultural industry, contact NTP Forklifts today! With a full range of Telehandlers for sale, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your requirements perfectly.

  • Battery Electric Forklifts | NTP Forklifts

    Battery Electric Forklifts | NTP Forklifts

    For an Electric Forklift for both sale and hire at a competitive price, speak to NTP Forklifts. Contact us today for the highest level of service and quality Electric Forklift brands.

  • Pallet Trucks | NTP Forklifts

    Pallet Trucks | NTP Forklifts

    Here at NTP Forklifts, we have a full range of quality Pallet Trucks for sale. Whether you’re looking for an Electric Pallet Truck or walkie stacker machinery, our collection will have something to suit.

  • Access Equipment

    Access Equipment

    Access Equipment

  • Battery Electric Vehicles

    Battery Electric Vehicles

    Battery Electric Commercial & Industrial Vehicles

NTP Forklifts is committed to providing the highest quality forklifts for sale and we therefore endeavour to sell only the best brands. Thanks to our huge range and exemplary customer service, we have firmly established ourselves as leaders in forklift sales. read more

New Forklifts for Sale

Every Type Of Forklift for Sale - Pallet Stacker, Walkie Stacker and More!

If you're in the market for a new forklift for sale, then speaking to NTP Forklifts should be your first point of action. As a leader in the forklift industry, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a diverse range of forklifts for sale to suit any requirement. More than that, years of industry expertise and knowledge will ensure that when you purchase one of our new forklifts for sale, you will be getting the highest quality forklift there is. Whether you're looking for a Jungheinrich electric forklift, such as a walkie stacker, or you're after a Manitou all terrain forklift, we're able to provide you with a high quality piece of machinery – both new and used.

At NTP Forklifts, exemplary customer service is as important to us as being experts in forklift sales, so you can be certain that the very best service will be accompanied with every investment of one of our forklifts for sale. We have the best brands on offer across all of our forklift sales, including Manitou, TCM and a Jungheinrich electric forklift, thereby ensuring safety standards are always met.

The Industry Leaders In Forklift Sales

With NTP Forklifts, finding the right forklift for sale for your requirements is easy, thanks to our huge range of brands, models and forklift styles. Whether you need an electric forklift, or even a battery electric forklift, we have high quality used and new forklifts for sale sure to meet your needs. More than that, thanks to our parts and sale services on offer, we are able to expertly meet all of your forklift requirements. So whether you need a walkie stacker, pallet stacker, telehandler or more, speak to NTP Forklifts today to find your perfect forklift for sale.

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