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We endeavour to sell only the best brands to ensure our customers have access to the highest quality forklifts. With our huge range and exceptional customer service, we are your one stop shop for new forklifts and are the leaders in the market. read more

New Forklifts for Sale

NTP Has the Forklift Truck and the Warehouse Forklift for Sale

NTP Fork Lift believe the investment a customer makes when purchasing new forklifts, machinery and truck equipment, should be accompanied with only the very best in service. We have a huge range of new forklifts, including the forklift truck which is our best seller. Looking for a forklift for sale Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or in Brisbane? NTP are the one and only, the fork lift leaders in Australia. We offer only the best brands of forklifts for sale Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, to ensure safety standards are always met. The warehouse forklift is a vital truck in many material handling companies.

Our warehouse forklift ranges in size, brand, style and price to ensure your needs can be met. The all terrain forklift machinery we sell, is available Australia wide and suitable for rough terrain in the agriculture and construction industries. With our parts and sale services on offer, we are truly your one stop shop for your fork lift needs.

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