Find a Jungheinrich order picker at NTP Forklifts. These forklifts are ideal to optimise your order picking process and achieve more picks per hour.

Medium & Low Level Order Pickers

Jungheinrich order pickers are the ergonomic way to achieving more picks per hour. The ECE 1, 2 and 3 series of horizontal order pickers are the workhorses of the warehouse when it comes to order picking up to the 2nd rack level.

The ECE 118 is the entry level truck in the order picker class with a width of just 700 mm. It offers many features that make order picking efficient. From a comfortable stand-on platform, initial lift and greater ground clearance through to a powerful and efficient AC drive system.The ECE 118 is designed for reach heights of up to 1.6 metres.

Through a combination of the latest technology and numerous ergonomic design features, the Jungheinrich ECE 220/225 optimises both the cost and speed of order picking. 

Jungheinrich Order Picker.jpg

Jungheinrich Order Picker.jpg

The transition to vertical order pickers is represented by the series 1 EKS with picking heights of up to 4.6 metres.

EKS 110 Low level / medium level order picker. The EKS 110 is the ideal truck for order picking from the first to the third rack level. The platform and load section are raised together up to a lift height of 3 metres. This allows operators to pickup to a height of 4.6 metres. The EKS 110 therefore represents the transition to vertical order pickers and has a wealth of features to make order picking efficient and economical.

The order picker of the range EKS 310 with 48 V 3-phase AC technology, 1000 kg capacity and order picking heights up to10,390 mm present top performance in the high-rack warehouse. The EKS 310 is designed for picking single articles from the racking. The facility to ergonomically optimise order picking from a walk-on load section or via an additional lift increases both flexibility and economic efficiency.The EKS 310k is specifically designed for the medium performance segment. Its compactness provides maximum manoeuvrability.This high efficiency is available to the operator for effortless operation.

Jungheinrich Order Picker EKS.jpg

Jungheinrich Order Picker EKS.jpg

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Order Picker

When it comes to efficient and effective materials handling flow, having the right equipment is just as important as your processes. Here at NTP Forklifts we're confident that we're able to supply you with all the necessary equipment you could possible need, such as an order picker, VNA forklift or reach truck. Where ergonomic and efficient order picking is concerned, our Jungheinrich order picker is second to none in innovative technology. We believe that it's with the help of a VNA forklift, reach truck or Jungheinrich order picker that your warehouse could experience improvements in efficiency across the board.

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