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The support your business needs for transporting goods safer and easier than ever.



Say goodbye to your old hand pallet trucks and call in new help. We have found  the perfect employee for your purposes — naturally in the proven professional Jungheinrich quality and at bargain prices.

Work with greater ease and safety than ever before with the new pedestrian pallet trucks EJE M13/M15. The electric drive provides powerful assistance and the integrated charger ensures you can quickly recharge your new electric pallet trucks at any socket. So your versatile helper is ready for use whenever you need them.





Move heavy loads easily.

Retire your old hand pallet truck and move heavy loads more easily and ergonomically – with electric drive.

Available at bargain prices.

Technical equipment that you only require for brief operations should not break the bank? The new electric pallet trucks give you proven professional quality at bargain prices.

Usable anywhere, anytime.

Always at the ready: Thanks to the integrated charger, you can quickly recharge the new electric pallet trucks at any socket, so you are ready to work on the spur of the moment.

Flexible and practical operation.

The EJE M13/M15 optionally comes with an integrated weighing system. Complete two steps in one: Move and weigh goods. The receiving inspection of your goods is also made a lot simpler.

Extremely manoeuvrable thanks to compact design.

Their compact design and narrow front end ensure maximum manoeuvrability. Thanks to their low overall height, the new electric pallet trucks are also ideally suited for tight storage locations.

More safety at work.

Our new electric pallet trucks offer outstanding driving and cornering stability. Their compact design provides even shorter operators with a perfect view of the fork tips, and the lowered foot guard reduces the risk of injuries.

Lower service costs thanks to maintenance-free battery.

Combined with an integrated charger, the gel battery facilitates flexible operation without requiring water refills

EJE%20M13_High%20Res_29939-compressed-2.jpg 160531_vii_bild4_jungheinrich_ejem15_01-compressed.jpg EJE%20M13_High%20Res_29940-compressed-2.jpg


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